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Child Custody and Visitation

Determination of custody and visitation of minor children is often complicated and fraught with emotion for parents going through divorce. Ms. Meinhardt strives to resolve custody disputes by crafting custody and visitation agreements that are narrowly tailored to the needs of the individual children and parents. California law resolves custody disputes based upon the “best interest” of the child. Consistent with the law’s “best interest” standard is the importance placed on a child’s “frequent and continuing contact” with both parents, unless it is shown that detrimental circumstances exist. California’s “best interest” standard also includes consideration of the child’s health and welfare, the history of contact between the parents and children, the ability and willingness of one parent to have an ongoing relationship with the other parent, the parents’ parenting skills and their mental and health histories, the child’s special needs, the child’s preference if old enough, and any evidence of child abuse or domestic violence.

Ms. Meinhardt is exceptionally experienced in negotiating custody settlements and working with custody mediators, evaluators, and mental health professionals to achieve the appropriate custody plan to reflect each client’s unique circumstances and goals.

However, not every custody dispute can be resolved by agreement. Sometimes, the only solution is to have a judge resolve custody and visitation disputes. When it is necessary to turn to the courts, Ms. Meinhardt possesses the skills and experience to ensure that clients are well-prepared and well-represented in effort to maximize the likelihood of favorable results for her clients.