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Division of Property and Debts

Property issues during dissolution can be simple if the spouses have minimal and uncomplicated assets. However, as the number and value of the assets increase, so does the complexity of dividing community property. California law requires that community property – property acquired during marriage – is divided equally. However, obtaining a fair and equal division of community property is not always simple.

In effort to develop an accurate picture of the estate, especially with high net worth individuals, assets will often be appraised and valued by experts. Ms. Meinhardt draws from the finest experts in their respective fields to create a team that can appraise businesses, professional practices, real estate, art, jewelry, collectibles, automobiles, intellectual property and other hard-to-value assets. This information is the foundation in making informed decisions regarding the division or sale of assets and determining the tax implications that follow.

Ms. Meinhardt makes reasonable efforts to negotiate a settlement that meets the needs of the client, striving to limit costs. She believes that a mutually fair settlement is almost always preferable to a resolution imposed by the court. Even the most intelligent judge does not have an intimate knowledge of one’s financial and personal situation, which is one of the reasons why Ms. Meinhardt counsels her clients to pursue settlement whenever possible. Ms. Meinhardt possesses the expertise to ensure that all assets are carefully evaluated and divided.

While she strives to devise settlements that are acceptable to both parties, she also recognizes that not every case can be settled. Differing beliefs as to how to value and divide assets and debts coupled with intense emotions sometimes make negotiated settlements unattainable. In those cases, Ms. Meinhardt is well prepared to advocate for her clients in court. Thorough and thoughtful trial preparation enables her to make the most effective and persuasive presentation to the court. Ms. Meinhardt’s competence, skill and integrity give her an excellent reputation among family law judges and have earned her the respect of the legal community.