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Divorce (or dissolution) in California is “no fault.” This means that anyone can get divorced without having to prove that the other spouse engaged in bad conduct. However, “no fault” does not mean that a person’s actions during marriage are free of legal consequences. Ms. Meinhardt is adept at identifying the relevant conduct of the client and spouse and explaining the consequences that may flow from that conduct.

Issues that must be resolved during a divorce may include the characterization of property as community property or separate property, the valuation of property such as businesses, residences, and vehicles, determination of the validity of a premarital agreement, determination of the amount and duration of spousal support and child support, and implementation of a schedule for custody of minor children. Ms. Meinhardt is extremely knowledgeable about the law and skilled in applying the law to the unique facts of each case.

Ms. Meinhardt’s formula for success is superior knowledge, skill and experience combined with discipline, creativity, compassion and integrity. Ms. Meinhardt’s positive reputation in the community benefits clients because it translates to credibility in the courtroom. Ms. Meinhardt consistently delivers exceptional results for her divorcing clients, both in and out of court.